SHARADA NETRALAYA has been established with the intention to provide quality eye care at an affordable price. Our main focus is the treatment and care of patients from all levels with a wide range of eye problems from common complaints to rare conditions which need treatments but not available elsewhere in the state. It has been structured according to International standards and is equipped with the latest technologies available today in the world. It provides eye care through different super specialities with full time consultants.

Our specially designed outpatient department and surgical facilities together with the patient oriented approach and the combined and dedicated support from our other departments like SHARADA WELLNESS CENTER make our hospital unique in this field.


Complete Computerised Eye Checkup

Cataract Surgery & Intraocular Lens Implantation


Fordable Lens

Children Eye Clinic

Cornea Clinic

LASIK - Laser Eye Surgery

Squint Surgery

YAG Laser Treatment

Glaucoma Clinic

Green Laser Treatment

Plastic Surgery For Eye